Monday, July 18, 2011

How Do I Respond?

If you’re reading Rachel Olsen’s It’s No Secret with me, Welcome! We are in the first week of our online study.

As I read the Introduction and Chapter 1 of It’s No Secret, I thought about how I respond to God. Do I talk to Him only when I think I need to, or do I spend time with Him wanting to get to know Him better?

I would say the first of these two choices used to be true. I knew God was there and I turned to Him nightly for prayers, in times of trouble, and for the occasional thank you.

However, that’s not the case now, and I know when it changed. Almost 11 years ago my daughter was born, and she cried for the first five weeks of her life. No, not constantly, although it sure felt that way. I was overtired, rarely accepted help from others, and felt incredibly alone. Out of complete desperation, I turned to God and clung to Him. He used that low point in my life to draw me close and He didn’t let go.

Slowly, but steadily, I started out on my faith journey and I began to get to know Jesus in a way I had never experienced before—as a friend and a constant companion. Jesus knows what it’s like to walk this side of Heaven. He knows it’s not easy. He knows the temptations and the rejection from others. He knows the loneliness and the sadness. And He promises to walk with us.

As I started to understand this, I wanted to know more. I wanted to spend more time in God’s Word, and as I spent more time in the Bible, God showed me more of Him and of His Son, Jesus.

I never used to understand how if I read the same verse in the Bible over and over I could still learn something new. But as I’ve grown in my faith I believe God opens up His Word to us, and as we’re ready, He gives us more understanding. I believe it because I’ve experienced it. What used to be just words I was reading started to have meaning, and I was beginning to understand them. As I spend time with Jesus, He shows me more of Himself and draws me closer to Him. And the more I get to know Him, the more time I want to spend with Him.

I love how author Rachel Olsen says this in the Introduction of It’s No Secret
“…befriending Jesus—drawing close to Him over time—develops our ability to recognize His still, small voice. Our heart grows familiar with and closer to His, enabling us to understand His meaning when that used to float right over our heads.”

How true this is! I’m constantly amazed at what I learn from God’s Word now, and I wonder how I’ve missed it for so long. I’m in awe of how God draws me to the Scripture verse I need when I need it, and through that verse I find the comfort and direction I’ve been craving.

My prayer is that wherever you are on your faith journey, you feel the Lord draw you closer into a relationship with Him.

What captured your attention in the Intro and Chapter 1? Will you share it with us by posting a comment?

If you’d like to read more from author Rachel Olsen about spending time in God’s Word, here’s the link to a blog she posted on March 29, 2011. Rachel Olsen – Step One: Show

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