Scripture Journaling {and a Free Printable}

I didn’t used to journal. Any time I tried it, I was too particular. It took time to find a journal that was just right. My hand writing had to be perfect in blue or black ink, and a misspelling or a word crossed out drove me nuts. Because of the restraints I placed on myself, my journaling experience was more stressful than relaxing.

Over the years, although I’m not sure how it happened, I’ve gotten past all of that. I love my personal journal now. It’s filled with Scripture, thoughts, feelings, prayers, and notes and research on particular verses. I can go back to the studies I’ve done on my One Word for each year and remember where my heart was when I cried out to God through written word.

I also have several other journals which I use for taking notes on book studies. I have my own system now, which is more relaxed and enjoyable than I ever thought possible. I no longer worry about perfection and having it all planned out ahead of time.

I can’t fully explain what a blessing journaling has been for me. 

I know artistic journaling is super popular now, but for me, the written word is still my love language. No matter what your creative choice may be, journaling is something I recommend. It encourages quiet time spent with God alone and helps with remembering what you’ve read and studied. {Tweet this}

I also know how intimating a blank page can be when you’re not used to journaling. What do I write (or draw)? What Scripture verse do I start with? Are there rules or guidelines to follow?

Here’s what I do…
  • I read God’s Word.
  • I pay attention to any words that jump out of a verse.
  • I discern how a verse makes me feel and what my first thoughts are.
  • I read any study notes pertaining to the verse in my Bible and think about what that verse means for me. What is God showing me? It may be a promise He’s reminding me of or something in my life that needs to change.
  • From there, I might look for related Bible verses and write those down, or I may use a little bit of artwork. (For me, that means something simple like hearts or stars.)

God invites us to join Him in His Word. He opens our eyes, hearts, and minds to understand His Word, and reveals what He wants us to see or learn at the moment He chooses. {Tweet this}
Then he opened their minds to understand the Scriptures. Luke 24:45 NLT
To see what God wants to show us in His Word, we have to spend time with Him reading and studying Scripture. 

Take notes in your Bible. Use your favorite journal or treat yourself to a new one. Even a spiral notebook can be a useful journal.

I’ve also created Scripture Journaling Worksheets you can download and print.

Each page starts with a place to write the verse(s) you are studying, followed by word prompts to get you started, with extra room for notes, a prayer, or artwork.

It eliminates the intimidating blank page, but also allows you to use the page as you choose. Discover what works for you.

What’s been your journaling experience? If journaling Scripture is new to you, are you ready to give it a try? What’s holding you back? Click here to try the worsheets I've created.

In Christ,


  1. I love writing out a verse or passage that jumped out at me for the day. Over the years this practice has helped me memorize them. Thanks for sharing your process. It's very helpful!

  2. I do scripture writing every day. Super helpful!

    Thank you so much for the printable, I can see where it would be very useful.

  3. Thanks for sharing about your journaling journey.

    I have definitely adopted a more relaxed manner for journaling at this stage of my life. I am also very much enjoying my journaling Bible that has the journal lines in a large margin which makes it easy for me to make my own notes on how the Lord is speaking to me. Rather than references or commentaries, this Bible is a reflection of what the Lord spoke to me personally and will be a wonderful legacy to leave behind for my children and grandchildren.

    Thanks for sharing this great post!

  4. Thank you for sharing this. I have been journaling since high school, and I love it as a way to set my thoughts down, for writing out the Word of God and to ponder it, choosing a word or a few and then researching it as you share. It is all good for the mind and soul. Thanks.

  5. Laura, I got so excited reading this because I have so many partially (that's being generous) filled journals. It wasn't until I began journaling with scripture that I can't stop! And the insight, healing and growth I have experienced in my life as a result is huge. I love mine too, and it's a treasure!

    1. Thank you Crystal, I smiled big reading your comment!

  6. Such a wonderful gift, Laura! As much as I love words, I have never been one to journal. At least in my adult life! I was an avid journal-er in my teenage years and then something happened! Love this inspiration, though!
    Blessings and smiles,

  7. I started and stopped several times before journaling consistently. Now, I'm so glad I did! And I wish I would have began sooner. Like you, every little thing would bug me so I wouldn't do it. When I let go and wrote from my heart and what God was showing me the words flowed. It's neat to look back and see God's hand on my life.


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