Sunday, August 21, 2016

Reacting to Change {Anger Series}

Change. Sometimes you see it coming. Other times it is unexpected.

I’m experiencing change in a couple of different areas right now—one I’ve been preparing for. The other was sudden. Both will take some getting used to.

The sudden change has caused a range of emotions, but the one I’m not feeling is anger. I guess I could be angry. I could hold a grudge. But, it wouldn’t help the situation. And, I’m really not feeling angry, so why fabricate it?

I’ve been thinking about anger, though, because of some of the opinions expressed to me.

“If I were you....”

“You should….”

They were negative suggestions that could fuel the fire of anger, if there was a spark. But I didn’t accept the match. Instead, I just moved away.

I won’t wear someone else’s anger. If that’s the load someone chooses to carry, that’s their choice. But, when it’s forcefully shared with me, I don’t have to accept it. (I’ve learned that over the years.)

Reactions say a lot about us to other people. {Tweet this} Some reactions touched my heart. Others made me want to run in the opposite direction. I don’t know what my reactions said, but I hope they were an example of optimism in this unanticipated change.

I hope my reaction to change reflects Christ, no matter how easy or difficult the next steps may be. When I say “I trust God,” I hope people see that I really do.

Anger is a normal human emotion, but it can be consuming, and it can blind us to the positive possibilities God can bring about through change.

I don’t want to miss those new opportunities. Do you?

In Christ,


  1. Laura, this is beautiful and perfectly timed. Thank you for sharing such a good word. "I hope my reaction to change reflects Christ, no matter how easy or difficult the next steps may be."

  2. Thank you for sharing these words of encouragement today! Your neighbor on the #LifeGivingLinkup

  3. Beautifully stated Laura. I am not the best handler of change...definitely still a work in progress. So I decided to memorize the fruit of the spirit passage a few months ago. I recite it to myself when I feel my temperature rising! It has been a tremendous blessing in helping me cope with the unexpected. Thank you for sharing your insights with us. I hope you have a fantastic week and blessings to you and yours!

  4. Laura, there is such wisdom here. We choose how we will respond and react. When those closest to us project their own feelings and thoughts on us, we can stand firm in our responses by the Holy Spirit.

  5. I like this: you just moved away. sometimes i forget I can just remove myself to lessen my reaction. thanks, laura. next to you at cc

  6. Amen! Not wearing someone else's anger is critical to our own peace! Praying for you, friend, in the midst of this transition. As always, thanks so much for sharing hope alongside me at Moments of Hope!


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