Do Over!

I'm pulling from the archives and sharing one of my very first guest posts over at LifeNotes...

Several years ago, I blew it as a mom on Thanksgiving morning. All my daughter wanted was for me to watch the Thanksgiving Day parade with her, but I had other things to get done, and the parade was not on my agenda. 

With a huffy and unpleasant attitude, I joined her in front of the TV. Her bouncy excitement immediately turned to silence while she sat by herself on the couch. I realized how I had squashed her enthusiasm, and all I wanted to do was shout “Do over!”

Remember do overs? As a kid, my friends and I would yell “do over!” anytime we wanted to start a game over or redo our turn. Anyone could shout “do over!” and get a new beginning.

That’s what I wanted—a do over!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get do overs in life?

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