Monday, December 22, 2014

How Quickly Everything Changes

I walked into work this morning and found out we’re preparing for a funeral tomorrow. I work in a church, so this isn’t unusual, but what stunned me was whose funeral it is. He was not elderly and he had not been fighting a long battle with disease. And although I didn’t know him personally, there is a feeling of loss I can’t quite explain—maybe it’s shock.

Because I’m reminded of how quickly everything can change. With or without notice, life turns an unexpected corner.

Around that corner lies grief and sorrow—like a punch in the stomach—that leaves us gasping for air.

But we are not alone. What shocks us does not shock God. He knows. He stays. And while we may feel like we’re surrounded by darkness, there is always the Light.

The Light, who shines in the darkest hour, on the most difficult path…even when we struggle to see. It shines.

Life changes suddenly and we find ourselves unprepared. Maybe it’s financially or emotionally. But for some, it’s spiritually.

It’s not that they struggle to see the Light, it’s that they don’t know the Light is there. And they don’t know He came for them.

I get antsy and frustrated trying to understand God’s timing. Why does God’s will seem to take so long?

Because He wants everyone to know His Son. And in His grace, He gives us time to proclaim His name and time for His children to know Him.
Remember that while our Lord is waiting patiently to return, people are being saved. 2 Peter 3:15a NIRV
He doesn’t want anyone to be unprepared when life changes without warning.

It’s too easy to stay focused on the wrong thing—what I want, done my way, and miss all that God wants to show me.

I think that’s what He has been telling me this year. To notice where He’s put me, to pay attention to those who around me, and to focus on the work He’s given me.

So often I don’t understand, but I trust Him. And when I trust Him, I’m able to let go of the angst of wanting to understand.

But still, I need to be reminded of how quickly everything can change—for the good and for the bad. And to know God is there through both. Always.

In Christ,


  1. I'm sorry for your loss. Things like these help to put our own lives into perspective. I pray you have a beautiful Christmas.

  2. I am so sorry too- Loss is so hard. Thank you for this truth you shared today. Jesus in the midst, of the good and the bad, and He can be trusted no matter what comes our way.Also good to think about focusing on what he has put in front of me here an now- Needed to hear this today-Merry Christmas- Have a wonderful night celebrating all that he has done for us!

  3. Thank you for reminding us that God is with us always, even and especially through the hard things. May He bless you this Christmas!

  4. I don't understand either, but to me that makes a close relationship with God easier. It forces me to rely on Him minute by minute. Life is so much better that way.

  5. I am so sorry for the loss in your faith community, and so incredibly hard during Christmas. Praying for you.


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