Saturday, October 4, 2014

When the Waiting Gets to Be Too Hard

I remember as a child waiting in anticipation for my birthday or for Christmas to arrive. Time moved slowly and the waiting dragged on forever.

As an adult, that time moves much more quickly. It seems like Christmas is around the corner again before last year’s gifts are put away. And birthdays…well, each one is not quite as exciting anymore. The anticipated wait doesn’t drag anymore. Now it flies by.

Waiting for the calendar page to turn—that’s not so hard. Unless time ends, one month will flow into the next, guaranteed.

But waiting on God? It. Is. Hard. Some days waiting on God feels impossible. And other days it takes me right to my knees in tears and frustration.

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In Christ,


  1. Your post spoke the truth about the challenge of waiting on God. Once I did a study of all of the promises to those who wait on the Lord. It helped me so much.

    1. Thank you Elizabeth. A few years ago I studied Scripture verses on hope and trust. God's Word certainly brings comfort like nothing else can!


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