Thursday, December 5, 2013

Someone to Share With

Thank you for visiting. If you are reading The Women of Christmas by Liz Curtis Higgs, we are looking at Mary and Elizabeth in Chapter 4 this week, “O Tidings of Comfort and Joy.”

Have you ever had a God-moment—something you know was from God—but didn’t know who to share it with? You want to tell someone who will be excited, but not just excited for you. You want someone who will be excited with you…someone whose faith is strong like yours, and will feel God in the moment.

That doesn’t describe everyone. Some will not believe. Some will listen with skepticism. Others will explain it away, giving reasons for your news that have nothing to do with God. If you’ve ever shared a God-filled moment with someone like this, you know how disappointing it can be. It feels like something has been taken from you.

But when you have another believer to share with—someone who walks in faith like you do—it makes your experience even more special.

For Mary, her person to share with was her relative, Elizabeth. With anyone else, Mary would have had a lot of explaining to do, criticism to listen to, and harsh words spoken about her. But when Gabriel told Mary about Elizabeth and the miracle of her pregnancy, Mary knew—she needed to share her news with Elizabeth.

A few days later Mary hurried to the hill country of Judea, to the town  where Zechariah lived. She entered the house and greeted Elizabeth.  At the sound of Mary’s greeting, Elizabeth’s child leaped within her, and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.

Elizabeth gave a glad cry and exclaimed to Mary, “God has blessed you above all women, and your child is blessed. Why am I so honored, that the mother of my Lord should visit me? When I heard your greeting, the baby in my womb jumped for joy. You are blessed because you believed that the Lord would do what he said.” Luke 1:39-45 NLT

There was no need for Mary to explain anything. Elizabeth knew. She felt God there with them and she lived Mary’s excitement with her.

How incredible that God thought of even that detail—someone for Mary to share with about the miracle of carrying God’s own Son! At the very time Mary could’ve felt alone with no one to talk to, God provided fellowship.

It’s no surprise that God thinks of everything, but often, when I realize the depth to which God cares for His children, I’m in awe all over again!

In Christ,


  1. This is one of my favorite passages in the Bible. I love the way that God knit together the hearts of these 2 women.

    I haven't picked up Liz's book yet, but it's on my list. :)

  2. Love it, I wrote about this too, and will be continuing the story till Christmas.

  3. Have you ever had a friend who listens to God.

    I do!

    Sometimes she's surprised when she hears Him.

    Not only does she listen she meditates on His message to her.

    Sometimes she shares it publicly, i.e. blogs.

    Sometimes she shares it with her daughter first.

    Sometimes she visits with God about it before embracing it.

    Sometimes she anticipates Him coming to her.

    Sometimes she realizes how hard He is trying to reach her.

    Sometimes she waits to hear from Him longer than she wants to,

    When God told Mary of Elizabeth's news, and I think of her 9-10 day walk to embrace Elizabeth, I know it is possible to wait to share my news with just the right friend.

    When I think of how Mary and Elizabeth both listened to God and embraced his message to them, I believe my friend has that quiet but open channel to God's whisper and nudges. And I thank God for sending me this friend who shares her friendship with God.

  4. Laura~ you not only write with such passion but you also inspire others with your gift! God has blessed you, and my life take you to place you've never gone before!

  5. My photo and verse today is all about God delighting in the details of our life! Love this example in His word.

  6. Yes, I have been blessed by some very good friends, strong believers, who will share excitement about the Lord. And, they have also been there in tough times, too.

    But, the person who has always shared the closest Christian walk with me is my mom. She and I have walked all these many years together, and we have walked closely with our Savior, too.



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