Monday, July 29, 2013

Who Do We Please With Our Words?

Words hold great power.

Whether we are speaking the words or hearing them, words have the power to build us up or tear us down.

Words can express love. And they can express hate.

Words can comfort. And they can hurt.

Words can please God. Or they can please the enemy.

Encouraging words build us up and set us on a positive path. God speaks encouraging words of love and comfort.

Hurtful words tear us down and stay with us for a long time, longer than we probably realize. The devil speaks hurtful words of hate and hostility.

Our words either please God. Or they please the enemy.

Words can be apologized for. But they can’t be unsaid again. It takes only moments for the damage to be done, but can take a lifetime to recover from.

Encouraging words express value, respect, and worth to another. They take only moments to say, and can stay with us for a lifetime.

Our words either please God. Or they please the enemy.
The heart of the godly thinks carefully before speaking;the mouth of the wicked overflows with evil words. Proverbs 15:28 NLT
When you think of the words you speak, who would be pleased?

In Christ,

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  1. Well said Laura, and so very true!!

  2. This is SO true, Laura! I just listened to a song on the radio this morning that reminded me of this...appropriately called "Words" by Hawk Nelson (
    In His Love, Ann @ Christ in the Clouds

    1. Anne, thanks for including the link. I've heard the song before, but don't think I'd really paid attention to the words. This time I did and I love it.

  3. Oh, words. Sigh. Sometimes words of encouragement come so easily from us; other times it's hard to bite down the hurtful ones. But yes, they are all powerful. Thanks for the reminder today to be wise in my use of them.

  4. Hi Laura
    Oh, how I wish we could have a little guard standing guard in our minds stopping us every time before we speak hurtful words! But I must admit that at time we are also quite over-sensitive! My husband sometimes says things when he is not in the least trying to hurt me, but I then jump quickly onto my high horse! This is also not good.
    Lots of love XX

  5. So true. Thanks for the reminder about the power of our words, Laura. I think of this often, when parenting, how our words can't be "unsaid."


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