Tuesday, June 11, 2013

$20, a Prayer, and a Bible

“Mom, I’d like to go to the Christian bookstore today.”

I asked if she was looking for something specific.

“I still want to buy a Bible.”

Ooops. I didn’t want to tell her I’d forgotten. I thought back a couple of weeks to when she first informed me that she wanted to buy herself a new Bible.

“What kind of Bible are you looking for?” I’d asked her.

“One like yours,” she said.

I happen to have four Bibles at home, two NIV, one NLT, and one in The Message translation. “One like mine” didn’t help. So, on the spur of the moment, I tried to explain the difference between translations and study Bibles.

It was a lot to think about, and as I thought was the case that day, she had money to burn, (which happened to be at home) and she wanted a new Bible that day. So, while she kept pulling ones she liked off the shelf, I suggested she wait and look at mine first. Then we could come back another day.

She was not happy with me. But, I’m a mom—I’m used to that.

So, here we were a few weeks later going Bible shopping. She had looked at my Bibles and wanted the NLT translation. So, we were one step ahead. I really thought she’d like a study Bible, but I knew cost would be an issue.

We went back to the Christian bookstore, both armed with patience, common sense, and cool heads. How long they would last, I was unsure. But there we were. She had $20 to spend, and I had a 40% off coupon I’d found at home.

Within minutes she had chosen a small pocket-sized Bible in her price range with a blue leather cover with Scripture written on it.

I agreed, it was really cool. But not willing to settle so soon, I suggested she hold on to it while we looked at the study Bibles. She humored me and followed me to that aisle.

We found the kind I have, but the hard covers were so heavy. And the leather covers were expensive…and unattractive.

I knew she was getting frustrated…too expensive, too heavy, too ugly, not the right translation, no study section. I could see her deflating.

I began silently praying…God, please show us the Bible you want her to have. She seriously wants this and I don’t want to disappoint her or burst her bubble. But I also don’t want to watch her spend all of her money on one she won’t use or be really happy with.

People walked around where we sat on the floor in the study Bible aisle. We’d been there for a while. And then…we saw one we hadn’t looked at yet. It was different, but just right.

On the soft, brown leather cover was the Lord’s Prayer, and she loved it. The price point was more than she could afford, but I ignored that for the moment. This was the one.

We looked to make sure we weren’t missing anything and then she started to do the math.

“I don’t have enough money,” she said quietly. “I’ll go put it back.”

“Wait,” I told her. I knew she wanted to pay for it herself, but I looked at the t-shirt I’d agreed to buy her when we first got to the store. “What if we put this back, and I’ll give you the rest of the money you need for the Bible.”

She looked up at me, “Really? You would do that?”

I nodded. “Yeah, that’s the Bible for you.”

And silently, I prayed…Thank you, God, thank you!

In Christ,


  1. God is so good! Perfect Bible and a sweet memory for you both!

  2. A good mama you are. A sweet story that you'll both probably remember for a long time. I love how God works in the details of our lives like that.

  3. Dear Laura
    This was such a precious moment between mother and daughter! I know how much the right Bible means to you. It becomes sort of your third arm you cannot do without. I am glad she found just the right one.
    Much love

  4. Sweet story, Laura. Experiencing the goodness of the Lord!

  5. Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment between you and your daughter. I'm still a relatively new Christian and feel as though I still haven't purchased just the right Bible. Your words reminded me that we are to pray to God about everything...even what Bible to buy. Thank you.


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